About CO2next

CO2next is a project from Gasunie, Vopak and Gate terminal to explore the development of an independent terminal to receive and deliver liquid CO2. The project team is formed by employees of the three partners.

  • Independent leading European energy infrastructure company
  • A safe, reliable and affordable cross-border network operator in the Netherlands and Germany
  • Transport and storage of (green-)gas, LNG and a service provider for energy infrastructures of hydrogen, CO2 and heat.
  • Leading in industrial terminals with highest reliability
  • Leading in jetties globally – ownership and operations
  • Leading in independent terminals for LNG, LPG, chemicals and oil
  • LNG hub – a professional access gateway for LNG supplied from across the world
  • Sustainable, safe and environmentally friendly distribution of LNG supply in the Netherlands
  • LNG import terminal for reception and unloading of LNG carriers, storage of LNG, processing and regasification of LNG and gas send-out in the Dutch national grid , reloading of LNG to large carriers and loading in small vessels and trucks for its customers


Features of the terminal

Open access system

Necessary infrastructures available to all market parties, including parties that do not have a direct connection to a CO2 pipeline.

Independent liquid CO2 terminal

Independent hub terminal for the reception and delivery of liquid CO2 via vessels (or trucks and railcars), on the Maasvlakte in the Port of Rotterdam.

Part of the CO2 value chain

Part of develping a CO2 value chain which can connect liquid CO2 from emitters with offshore storage facilities.

Re-loading and transshipment of CO2

Functionality for additional services envisaged such as re-loading and transshipment of CO2.

Catalyst for the reuse of CO2

Important catalyst in the creation of a market for the reuse of CO2 as a raw material.

Dutch and European subsidy applicable

Dutch and European subsidy schemes accessible to support CCS projects to achieve the climate goals.

Infrastructure operator

Will focus solely on the development and operation of a reliable, safe and environmentally friendly infrastructure and will not be a market player itself.

Connects emitters and storagers

Will connect multiple emitters and storage operators into an open access system, enabling emitters to contribute to CO2 reduction targets.