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Final Memorandum on Scope and Level of Detail for CO2next and Aramis

The Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy has determined and published the Memorandum on Scope and Level of Detail (NRD) on December 2, 2022. This memorandum contains the framework for the environmental impact assessment (EIA) to be drawn up for CO2next and Aramis. The EIA maps out the environmental effects of the project, such as the effects on safety, landscape, nature, soil and water. The aim of the EIA is to make sure that environmental issues are given a rightful place in the decision-making process.

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Advice of the Environmental Impact Report Committee (commissie m.e.r)

On 18 August 2022, the EIA Committee published its advice on the environmental impact report yet to be drawn up. The EIA Committee stated that all the consequences of capture and storage must be examined. This means that the initiators of the Aramis project for CO₂ transport must map out the environmental effects of the entire chain. Read the full advice on the EIA website.

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CO2nnect continues as CO2next

The partners Vopak, Gasunie and Gate terminal in CO2nnect have decided to continue the project under a new name: CO2next. This was prompted by signals we received afterwards regarding the registration of the brand name. 

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CO2nnect Report RvO

RvO Spatial Exploration Report

RvO conducted a spatial exploration following the plans for the transport of CO2 from the Maasvlakte to empty oil and gas fields in the North Sea. The report was published early December.

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