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CO2nnect continues as CO2next

The partners Vopak, Gasunie and Gate terminal in CO2nnect have decided to continue the project under a new name: CO2next. This was prompted by signals we received afterwards regarding the registration of the brand name. 

With the CO2next project, the three partners are investigating the possibilities for building an open-access terminal to receive, deliver and transshipping of liquid CO2 on the Maasvlakte in Rotterdam. The independent terminal will be able to receive and deliver liquid CO2 via ships and will be connected to depleted gas fields in the North Sea. This will also make the necessary infrastructure available to parties who have no direct connection to a CO2 pipeline.

The new name CO2next fits well with the intention of the partners to make a significant step (next level) in the development of the necessary CO2 infrastructure that is important for the realisation of the Dutch climate plans.