CO2nnect Vopak Vlissingen

Call for expression of interest open

As part of the feasibility study CO2nnect is exploring market demand through a non-binding open season approach targeting interest in CO2 services.

The partners in CO2nnect (Gasunie, Vopak and Gate terminal) are currently exploring the feasibility of building an independent terminal for the reception and delivery of liquid CO2 on the Maasvlakte in the Port of Rotterdam. As part of this market exploration CO2nnect calls emitters and storage operators to express their interest in the CO2nnect services and facilities. Interested parties are invited to express their interest via the contact form on the CO2nnect website. Within two working days they will receive an information pack, Statement of Interest and a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA). After reception of the filled in Statement of Interest and the signed NDA, discussions can proceed.

Existing and prospecting emitters that intend to make use of Aramis’ CCS transportation and storage system can continue engaging with Aramis and do not need to respond to this call to express interest.