How much NOx during construction of the terminal? And what is the effect on N2000 areas?  

It is not yet possible to carry out the consruction works without any associaed NOx emissions. The deployment, as much as feasible, of electrically powered equipment leads to a reduction in emissions and hence nitrogen deposition in Natura 2000 areas. In the so called “appropriate assessment” for nature it is assessed that the remaining NOx-deposition will not be significant.

What is the impact during operation?

  • Ships transporting CO2 to and from the terminal will primarily use electric propulsion.
  • For ships that cannot operate electrically other emission reduction options are being investigated
  • Equipment that generates significant noise will be placed indoors. Therefore, the terminal generates negligible noise.

What is the impact during construction?

  • Plants and animals on the (industrial) site may be disturbed, and field research is conducted beforehand to prevent this.
  • Pile driving may disturb marine mammals, so low-noise techniques are being investigated.
  • As much emission-free equipment as possible is being used. During construction, there is limited nitrogen deposition on nature, and we expect this to have no significant effect on the environment.