Does CO2next also work with other projects?

The CO2 from CO2next is delivered to the Aramis trunkline via the Porthos site and this requires proper coordination. We work closely with Aramis because the CO2next terminal will serve the Aramis trunkline (and connected storages). We have no formal relations to any other projects.

Why did they join?  

Shell and TotalEnergies are global frontrunners in the domain of Carbon Capture and Storage. They are partners in the Northern Lights project, which has constructed the first liquid CO2 import facility in Europe and will bring valuable contributions to the CO2next Project as partners.

Who are the current partners? 

Current partners are Vopak and Gasunie, Shell and TotalEnergies. Shell and TotalEnergies joined the CO2next project as of June 2024, following the start of the FEED phase which is the project phase leading up to FID.